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Toward a General Theory of Human Individual Differences - Can Evolutionary Psychology Meet the Challenge?

Can evolutionary psychology offer a framework for a general theory of individual differences?

An Infectious Curiosty - Morbid Curiosity and Media Preferences During a Pandemic

Why did horror movies and pandemic films surge in popularity during the COVID19 outbreak? It may have to do with morbid curiostity.

Gruesomeness conveys formidability - Perpetrators of gratuitously grisly acts are conceptualized as larger, stronger, and more likely to win

Why are people sometimes gruesomely violent? It may have to do with how it affects their perceived formidability

Violence reduces attention to faces and draws attention to points of contact

In this study, we used eye tracking to investigate how people gather visual information from scenes of violence

Morningness–Eveningness and Sociosexuality from a Life History Perspective

Creativity Patterns in the Production of Scientific Theories and Literary Fiction

How does the creative output of novelists compare to scientific theorists?

Human Behavioral Biology - It's Complicated [Review of Behave - The Biology of Humans at Our Best and Worst]